Weekly Round-Up 4

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 4! This week we feature debut releases by SleeptalkrePATHSWarren WentworthJoanChris Larocca and LPX. Enjoy the music!

Sleeptalkre – Fractions

The synthpop duo of Caroline Shumate and Greg Graves debut as Sleeptalkr. “Fractions” is a catchy but dark tale of love and betrayal, with the music video telling the story with a twist ending. Their debut EP Pep Talk will be released on March 3rd.

PATHS – Neoprene

The electronica-based song “Neoprene” by female singer PATHS is something special. Constructed with looped drums and vocal samples, guitar and synth, this track just builds and builds. The music video is effective and elegant: in a dark room with flashing lights, it shows the essence of her performance. Wonderful!

Warren Wentworth – Small Change

The debut song “Small Change” by singer-songwriter Warren Wentworth is a piano ballad turned into an amazing soulful pop tune. While playing the piano Wentworth doesn’t forget to show off his powerful voice. And despite the power he still knows how to keep an intimate atmosphere during the song. The gripping video about a guy who got down on his luck and is now settling for small change is by Ben Wicks, and suits the song perfectly.

Joan – Take Me On

Joan was born in the 90s, but their debut song “Take Me On” seems to be straight from the 80s. Like a lost track on a 80s high school movie soundtrack. Warm and soothing, catchy and uplifting. This synthpop song is bound to hit radio waves soon! For fans of St. Lucia and Passion Pit.

Chris LaRocca – Closer

“Closer” is the beautiful debut by Canadian musician Chris Larocca. It’s a midtempo neosoul song drowned in ethereal electronic music, with his amazing voice standing out. (Wait for the EDM break when he goes falsetto!) Deserves all of your attention.

LPX – Tightrope

LPX is the solo project by Lizzy Plapinger of MS MR. With a desire to record raw, loud pop music, she started on her own. Fortunately it is more than just a statement, because “Tightrope” delivers boldly: raw indierock that’s best on loud volume.

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