Weekly Round-Up 3

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 3! This week we feature debut releases by Isaac LeeThe Ultraverse, The Last Wave and Apsley. And we review new singles by Comrade Hat and Baula. Enjoy the music!

Isaac Lee – U Make Me

A new dance track is storming the indieblog scene: “U Make Me” by Isaac Lee. He’s been around perfecting his sound since last year’s trap track “Jack” and EDM tracks “Lovely” and “Sweetheart“. His now official debut “U Make Me” is a darker song, where sensual vocals and a deep funky bass create a moody atmosphere, perfect for hardly lit, smokey dancefloors!

Apsley – Sold

Newcomer Apsley has been writing music almost all of his life. Now he is ready to share with the world. His debut song “Sold” reflects on how society pressures us in doing things we wouldn’t do by free will. The music is dark but his voice is hopeful. Apsley has more songs ready to share this year. So watch out!

The Ultraverse – Silent Call

Amsterdam trio The Ultraverse is a new band focusing on electronica and performing live. Their warm synthpop sound with soulful vocals recalls Bob Moses. The music video perfectly visualizes the mood of the song. Their full EP “A Wiser Man” will be released this spring.

The Last Wave – People Don’t Know

The Last Wave is a collaboration between producers Katmaz and SAVINGS. Their debut song “People Don’t Know” is psychedelic pop from outer space, but created in a home studio. The song is deliciously light and dreamy, and it enables you to float away instantly. Fans of Tame Impale won’t be disappointed!

Comrade Hat – Defeat

Comrade Hat is the project of Irishman Neil Burns. He mainly writes ballads and slow pop songs. His new EP “Old Amsterdam” contains beautiful songs, like the trip hop sounding “Old Amsterdam”, the ambient pop of “Go To Waste” and the film noir-like “High Hopes”. But the jazzy crooner “Defeat” is our favourite. Amazing EP!

Baula – Just Like Yesterday

Last year Baula entered the scene with a haunting piano ballad “Don’t Bother”. The half Icelandic half Swedish duo now return with a uptempo dreampop song called “Just Like Yesterday”. This one is more guitar-based, and with a steady drumbeat, but it has the same melancholic undertone and haunting vocals by singer Karolina Thunberg. Goosebumps all over.

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