Weekly Round-Up 2

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 2! This week we feature debut releases by KovicKalli Ma, Annie’s Over The Infinite and Jesse Early. Enjoy the music!

Kovic – Wires

Quite the impressive debut by Kovic! “Wires” is an amazing pop rock song that sounds both classic and contemporary. Everything is brought with expertise, intensity and sincerity. The song has a dramatic grandeur and intimate breakdowns. Both the lyrics about love and heartbreak and the vocals will grab you. Furthermore it’s catchy and epic, and will appeal to huge stadium audiences. What else can we say? Kovic is going to be huge!

Kalli Ma – Promises

London duo Kalli Ma burst on the underground dance scene with “Promises”, a track best described as electro-trance-punk. A pulsating beat drives the song, while intertwining bleeps and acid house sounds induce a hypnotic state. Your guide throughout the track is Molly Meet with her vocals with attitude. A dark dancefloor killer for those who are tired of dancepop tunes. Inescapable.

Annie’s Over The Infinite – I Can’t Breathe

Sometimes you discover a unique and mysterious track. This is one of them. The artist’s name Annie’s Over The Infinite gives away a little about the sound: imaginative, spacey and psychedelic. Deep, dark, synth-heavy soundscapes that draw you in from the very first moment. With only a distant, fragile female voice as guidance. Compelling.

Jessie Early – Heart

Official debut song from Nashville artist Jessie Early. She’s knocking on our heart with this delightful electropop song. “Heart” is calm and dreamlike, with lovely warm 80s-inspired synth-melodies and her heavenly voice. A steady drum pattern is functioning as a heartbeat. A song you will be attached to after the first listen! Her EP “Wild Honey” is out on March 31st.

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