Weekly Round-Up 52

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 52! This week we look back on three of our favourite songs of 2016: the overall best indie song (Low Cut High Tops), the most impressive debut song (Lee Triffon) and the ultimate summer song (Slaughter Beach). Enjoy the music!

Favourite song of 2016: Low Cut High Tops – Let’s Runaway

In February Low Cut High Tops‘ David Burns released his debut album “Eh, Whatever“. It consists of older and newer songs, ranging from naive, cheerful pop songs to more cynical, darker grunge ones. The song that forms the musical bridge is his amazing “Let’s Runaway”. Even the video featuring a clown makes this evident. There are two sides noticeable, the dark one when the clown is using drugs, and the cheerful one when he dances to the chorus. We love the song so much, that it became our definite favourite of 2016.

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Favourite debut song of 2016: Lee Triffon – Different Sun

Lee Triffon already had an extensive music career before reinventing herself and starting releasing music under her own name. “Different Sun” has a lot of depth and atmosphere. It’s an ethereal downtempo song with so much to hear, and so many little details to discover. The song is accompanied by a gorgeous, artful music video. Lee Triffon wants you to travel in her music, in her world. Her invitation is even literal: “Come into my world” she sings, “I’ve got a different sun”. And who can resist her heavenly and hypnotic voice?!

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Favourite summer song of 2016: Slaughter Beach – Glaze

The Danish trio Slaughter Beach delivered our favourite summer tune. The dreampop band’s sound is still hazy and shoegazy with jangling guitars, but “Glaze” is fresher, and sugarcoated with a poppy chillwave vibe. This could well be a future indie classic. It has that euphoric, carefree summer feeling of MGMT’s “Time To Pretend”. We loved “Glaze” so much, we’ve been playing it all summer long!

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