Weekly Round-Up 1

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 1! This week we feature debut releases by LUWTEN, Dear Jane, FINLAYSONTYNI and Nambyar. And we review new singles by Martin Baltser, HANDSNew Canyons and Avi On Fire. Enjoy the music!

LUWTEN – Go Honey

An amazing debut by new Dutch band LUWTEN! “Go Honey” is a somewhat strange but beautiful folk song. It starts off calm with ethereal melodies from unusual sounds, and with singer Tessa Douwstra’s soothing voice. Halfway an angelic choir takes over and it all becomes darker, even bombastic. But it ends just as calm as it started. A complex and carefully crafted song. Pleasantly weird and wonderful.

Martin Baltser – Call Me Wild

Danish singer-songwriter Martin Baltser has been making music for several years, but mostly acoustic. His new single “Call Me Wild” seems to start a new phase. With it’s partly electronic production the track becomes multi-layered. In beautiful falsetto he sings the story of a boy whose raw potential and spirit has been teared down by repressing school policies. The song has a great build and the climax will definitely give you goosebumps.

Dear Jane – Dear Jane

Dear Jane is the musical project from Tammy Infusino with producer Nico Cary. They released their debut EP “Dear Jane” this week. It’s a collection of dark stories about love, lust and heartbreak; of destruction and disillusions. Combined, the lyrics and music are pure cinema: no film needed, the soundtrack tells it all. The title track “Dear Jane” about destructive drinking is our favourite. We love her.

FINLAYSON – The Drake Equation

Solo debut by Jack Finlayson, half of canadian psychedelic duo ShagWagon. While produced by Jacob Thompson, the other half, they don’t re-create their synth-based psychedelic sound, but instead extend it and deliver an incredible future soul gem! Finlayson’s soulful vocals are supported by a jazzy trumpet. Together this makes one hell of a seductive soul song.

Tyni – Fighter

The new year starts off with a big bang for TYNI and her debut single “Fighter”. Only a few days after it’s release and it’s been receiving raving reviews. And rightfully so. “Fighter” is a slow but epic pop gem with a raw, dark edge. The song is about fighting for your passion and feeling empowered to do so. Very powerful! TYNI is a new star on the rise.

HANDS – Poison

We had never heard of this fellow Dutchman until today, but we’re hooked now! HANDS is a singer-songwriter who started writing just instrumental tracks. We’re so glad he added his vocals. “Poison” is a remarkable dark song about a poisonous love he can’t get rid off. And listening to his sweet voice, somehow we think he doesn’t mind! Please, more poison if it leads to these amazing slow dark pop songs! Haunting.

New Canyons – Never Found

Chicago band New Canyons finally return with new material. The band is known for their blend of dreampop, darkwave and new wave. “Never Found” is surprisingly uptempo and even catchy. Fortunately the brooding atmosphere and dark edge we all love are present. An amazing new single that’s been on repeat at Indie Pop-Ups.

Nambyar – Warm In The Winter

Basically the title says it all. Dutch singer Nambyar gives us a beautiful chilled R&B song for keeping us warm during these cold winter evenings. This piano ballad just builds and builds, making great use of swelling strings. Meanwhile it’s getting you hooked, with a chorus you can’t resist to hum along to. Perfect combination of an 80s power ballad with 90s R&B. Amazing.

Avi On Fire – So Far Away From Me

Avi On Fire is the solo-project by Dutchman Bram Wesdorp. His goal is writing great hit songs. His debut “Pearls” indeed became an international hit. Just like “Pearls” his new track “So Far Away From Me” is irresistible. Everything just fits, he knows how to write a classic pop song. And no doubt this one will be another hit!

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