Weekly Round-Up 44

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 44! This week we feature debut releases by Culver, The Bradley, Kingsbury, and LIONE. Enjoy the music!

Culver – Away

Breathtaking debut by Culver, a project by Jacob Berger. The combination of electronica, subtle guitars and his gentle voice are refreshing and very promising. The song is about letting go in order to move forward. A little sad, yes, but Culver makes his message hopeful, and believable. As it is almost 2017, he’s definitely one to watch out for next year.

The Bradley – Pointless Dexter

Lovely warm synths and deep dark vocals are some characteristics of this beautiful debut single by mystery artist/band The Bradley. While listening you want to be ‘curled up in the corner‘ as the lyrics say, because this is dark, haunting and insightful music. Very impressive first song.

Kingsbury – Easy

Will Hess in San Francisco and Caroline Kingsbury in Nashville, that is the Nashville, USA duo Kingsbury. Miles apart, but they sure know how to combine their forces. Their song starts with repetitive hypnotic synths, soon followed with gentle guitars and the remarkable voice of Caroline. Dreamy, soulful pop music.

LIONE – Leave This Place

Midtempo synthpop with an 80s feel, we at Indie Pop-Ups love it! So we proudly introduce “Leave This Place”, the debut track by LIONE on Dutch label STMPD, founded by the world’s No. 1 DJ Martin Garrix. Enticing, joyful and just plain awesome!

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