Weekly Round-Up 43

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 43! This week we feature debut releases by Bambi LouAbi Hudson and I.AM.WILLOW. Enjoy the music!

Bambi Lou – Call Waiting

Bambi Lou from Montreal, Canada, is a female trio which debuts with “Call Waiting”, a minimalistic song that features their delicate voices, accentuated by reverb. With basically a bass, hazy guitars and tambourine they give you goosebumps all over. Dreamy, touching and a little sad, this song is about knowing the true nature of your relationship while still hoping for better. The finale with harmonious strings is just amazing. Stellar debut.

Abi Hudson – Fragile Around You

Only 18 years old, but singer-songwriter Abi Hudson debuts with her exceptional pop song “Fragile Around You”. Although produced by former Kylie producer team Terry Ronald and Steve Anderson, they stay away from dancepop, and instead create a very mature poprock sound, fitting her voice perfectly. She is sounding confident and vulnerable at the same time. A great pop future lies ahead…

I.AM.WILLOW – Satellite

London based, Malta born musician I.AM.WILLOW has a powerful voice which she uses with a natural effort, and to great effect on her debut single “Satellite”. This pop ballad has a very spacious production that centres around her voice and distant melancholic guitar sounds. The song is about letting old feelings go and accepting new directions in a relationship. Simply beautiful music.

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