Weekly Round-Up 45

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 45! This week we feature debut releases by Fwar, darkDARK, and Rosebug. Enjoy the music!

Fwar – Free Radicals

Six months ago producer Nathan as Fwar entered on the indie scene with electropop song “Nobody”, with a certain raw edge and a vocal style that reminds us of The Faint. In the meantime several songs appeared on Soundcloud, and last week he collected them on his debut EP “Sanctuary”. The songs “Junk” and “To Disappear” continue the indie-electro vibe, while our favourite one, “Free Radicals”, is a midtempo track with a dreamy and almost liquid sound to it. Detailed and varied, this amazing first EP.

darkDARK – Moments

Some songs sound like sculptures in sound. “Moments” by duo darkDARK is such a song. Genevieve Vincent and Chris James live miles apart (Los Angeles/Austin) and they “work in tandem when writing so we’ve found that imagining tracks as physical spaces or scenes keeps us on the same wavelength.” When listening you can imagine them adding and adjusting their electronic soundsculpture to great detail. With a sound somewhere between Poliça and CHVRCHES they are bound to reach a huge audience.

Rosebug – I Am The One

Last week Rosebug, a dreampop band from New York released their debut album “Worst Way”, filled with compact songs that mix punk, shoegaze and dreampop, much to our excitement! The first single is “I Am The One”. Jangly guitars, vocal harmonies and a dreamy overall feel makes this a key song on the album. We love it!

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