Weekly Round-Up 36

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 36! This week we feature debut releases by Mutual FriendsCrush Club, Sault, Brassau and Lo Moon. Enjoy the music!

Mutual Friends – Always Thinking Of You

Mutual Friends from Buffalo, NY arose when Kevin Scoma from Nelson-Type joined forces with Bryan Johnson from Bryan Johnson & Family. The sound is somewhere between de melancholic dreamrock sound of the first and the uplifting surfpop sound of the latter. “Always Thinking Of You” is a delightful and catchy indiepop tune of which we simply can’t get enough.

Crush Club – Get Me Off

Fresh sounding debut from New York duo Crush Club! This is an undeniable dancefloor filler, featuring that slapping bass guitar and that spacey synthesizer melody. And thanks to the smooth vocals this track is pure sonic seduction. Whatever the dance moves it evokes, you will be feeling sexy on the dance floor. You won’t be able to resist yourself! It definitely got us off!

Sault – Fences

Swedish producer and pop artist Cajsa Wallin records music as Sault. Her first delivery is a downtempo track with smooth melodies, a funky bass and Wallin’s soothing vocals. It has a chilled feel like lounge music, but the song is not for playing as a mere background. The song is also challenging, with the different layers and textures imposing painting in your mind. An EP will be out this fall.

Brassau – Bad Dreams

“Take a moment, use your ears”Brassau demands us. And you’d better, otherwise you will miss out on an incredible song with a sound somewhere between psychedelic pop, progressive rock and lounge! The song is called “Bad Dreams”, but you’ll be floating in a warm bath of peaceful sounds. It triggers the imagination, taking you away for a while. To beautiful places you didn’t know existed.

Lo Moon – Loveless

Dreampop band Lo Moon from California, USA, start off with a beautiful song. It’s epic in both length and sound. The song is spatially produced by Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie) and Francois Tetaz (Gotye), and has a slow pace and heartfelt melodies. The vocals sound like Talk Talk’s singer Mark Hollis: delicate and touching. If this is only the beginning, we can’t wait to see where this new band is heading. Amazing.

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