New single Andre Tajchman “Outbreath”

Andre Tajchman

André Tajchman is a Belgian singer, songwriter and producer now based in London. He describes his childhood as being isolated and rejected. Arts and music appeared as an exit to the rigidity of his peers. No wonder his songs are highly autobiographical and have a haunting sound. His first song “Weird Kid” from a year ago makes a perfect start for his own story. He sets himself apart by his incredible soulful voice, the electronic soundscapes and of course his emotional songwriting.

outbreathHis new song “Outbreath”, his fourth, continues the story. It’s gripping from the very first moment, when he starts the song by singing “My head is filled with black smoke, my heart is a ticking clock”. It takes away your breath immediately. But in the dark music and hurt vocals there is a message about not giving up and overcoming obstacles. The song tells the story of a grieving and possessed man standing tall, no matter how disoriented and lonely he is, “I never stop, I run, run, run, until I’m out of breath”. The lyrics evoke images of a lonely man running by the mere repetition of the chorus. This is an intense, bold and uneasy piece of music, from a daring and visionary artist.

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The mysterious and cinematic music video is directed by Ivo Da Silva and Andre Tajchman himself, starring Charlotte Piana.

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