Weekly Round-Up 35

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 35! This week we feature debut singles by PharmsIvy Aura and Body Type. Enjoy the music!

Pharms – Future Past

What happens when a dance producer (Kulkid) and a folk singer (P.R.T.) team up? Then you get French duo Pharms bringing us a slow, dreamy (dance) tune. The combination of Kulkid’s production and P.R.T.’s voice works remarkably well. The haunting mantra ‘you got to give me one future past’ makes this a hypnotic and even ethereal piece of music.

Ivy Aura – Scumbody

“Scumbody” is the first track by Ivy Aura, the collaboration of Molly Shannon, Molly Shannon and Balam Acab. Combining the lo-fi noise-pop of the former and ambient soundscapes of the latter, this is a dark experimental piece of music. And yet, it is accessible and even romantic at the same time. A surprisingly soulful song that lets you dream away for a while.

Body Type – Ludlow

A perfect little lo-fi gem, this debut track by Body Type, a four piece band from Sydney, Australia. This is a dreamy love song with harmonious guitar melodies and touching female vocals. Straight from the heart. If you want to know how doubt, distance, love and longing sound together in a guitar pop song, then just listen to this one.

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