Weekly Round-Up 37

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 37! This week we feature debut releases by INDIIASuper Vacation and Vincent John. Enjoy the music!

INDIIA – Sunny Day

The summer ain’t over! This sunny debut by INDIIA from Sweden will have you celebrate those summer moments (again). This sweet, joyful electropop song pumps up the mood everywhere, and will be our soundtrack for Indian summer this year. “I was falling for you, in the sunshine”. That is completely mutual, my sweet song.

Super Vacation – It’s Getting Better All The Time

The world is getting a better place every single day, according to Jordan Klassen and Danny Burke from Super Vacation. Their debut track celebrates people with good spirits, intentions and actions. The song sounds a lot like Passion Pit, which is a good thing: we love light-hearted melodies, catchy vocals and an overall good (electro)pop song.

Vincent John – Heaven Knows

This debut song by Vincent John from Philidelphia, USA, tells us he has a good sense of how to write and record a great pop song. Clearly inspired by 80s artists and songs, “Heaven Knows” sounds like it has been hiding on an 80s soundtrack waiting to be discovered. The driving beats, the melancholic melodies and the subtle guitar solo at the end: it all sounds delightfully familiar and timeless. We can’t wait for the rest of his “Never Go Back” EP.


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