Weekly Round-Up 30

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 30! This week we review debut songs by Luna Bay, ADOYSt. Francis Hotel, and Obliques. Enjoy the music!

Luna Bay – Colours

London based band Luna Bay only formed last year, while being students at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM). Their first song is a delightful indiepop track with classic guitar melodies and a sing-along chorus. With a first effort like this one, there are probably more pop-rock anthems waiting. The Temper Trap and Two Door Cinema Club better watch out!

ADOY – Laika

The South-Korean band ADOY started just a few months ago, but the members are well-known with the music biz. Their debut single is beautiful space rock with synth-heavy melodies. The song is about the first dog in space, Laika, and deals with the selfishness of men. Despite the serious theme, the music has a dreamlike, reassuring feel to it. Amazing!

St. Francis Hotel – Mondelle

It’s difficult to believe that “Mondelle” by St. Francis Hotel is a debut song, but it really is! Yet it sounds incredibly mature, due to it’s build, it’s production, and well… basically everything! It even sounds like a lost 70s or 80s rock classic. The vocals make it a melancholic and haunting song, that is hard to let go… We can’t wait to see what more they have for us in the future.

Obliques – Cut Me Loose (Ill Feeling)

Obliques are the duo of Zach Van Hoozer and Ben Flesch. Their debut single “Cut Me Loose (Ill Feeling)” brings us back to art-rock and classic rock of the 70s (Roxy Music, David Bowie). It has similar sound and production, and even evokes the same feelings; not ill but chill feelings! Perfect for after midnight, and the song would suit very well on a movie soundtrack. Classy first delivery!

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