Weekly Round-Up 29

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 29! This week we review debut releases by BOYSSoffía Björg, Lowes and Geowulf. Enjoy the music!

BOYS – Nice Guys

BOYS“Nice Guys” is a classic dreampop debut by BOYS, four guys from London. Not only the vocal harmonies and jangly guitars determine their sound; it also has a loveable lo-fi sound. If you like Wild Nothing or The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, then this is definitely for you!

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Soffía Björg – I Lie

Soffía BjörgSoffía Björg is a new singer from Iceland. She debuts with the folky indierock song “I Lie”. The lo-fi sound and the determined vocal yell of the chorus give the song a raw edge. It makes the song more direct, a little dark and insisting. Very impressive!

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Lowes – Awake At Night

LowesLowes is a new trio from Lancaster, UK. The band centers around singer Evie Plumb with her powerful voice. “Awake At Night” starts as an intimate piano ballad, but gets more and more grandeur with swelling string melodies. Plumb’s vocals are astonishing and really carry the song. Amazing debut!

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Geowulf – Saltwater

geowulfAnother dreampop debut this week! Geowulf are Star Kendrick (vocals) and Toma Banjanin (guitar). Their “Saltwater” sounds dreamy and even a bit trippy. It has a full sound with a steady driving beat. They call it ‘beach pop’. The last minute and a half, after a short breakdown at 2:40, is epic with beautiful harmonies! Melancholic as well as euphoric.

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