Virtual Soundtrack: Summersun – Flood Of Sunshine

We at Indie Pop-Ups love how music evokes feelings, thoughts and images. We try to find new ways to let you discover music, old and new. One way is by compiling VIRTUAL SOUNDTRACKS: music to excite imaginary movies. Instead of our regular focus on new music, included songs are from all genres, styles and decades. Listen, imagine and create a movie in your own mind! 


SUMMERSUN brings you soundtracks for your imaginary summer movies. Their first offering is “Flood Of Sunshine”. The movie is about a young girl who just graduated from high school and has all summer to herself. No job, no obligations and no plans, except for reminiscing, dreaming and figuring out what to do after summer…
The rest is up to you! Listen, imagine and create a movie in your own mind!

mood: melancholic, reflective, warm, calm
music: orchestral pop, post-rock, acid jazz, folk, lounge, alternative rock

1. Eric Matthews – Black To Light Brown
2. Birdie – The Original Strand
3. Emiliana Torrini – Unemployed In Summertime
4. Talk Talk – The Rainbow
5. Roland Orzabal – Maybe Our Days Are Numbered
6. Incognito – Journey Into Sunlight
7. Maria Solheim – Burn The Books
8. Alexkid – US Variation
9. Frank Sinatra – Summer Wind
10. The Posies – Flood Of Sunshine

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