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Last month the debut single by Dutch band CYNBEL was released. After a few years of writing and performing to great acclaim, they now have decided to take the next step. The accessible and anthemic sound of their debut song “Vagabonds” gives away their ambitions: delivering epic pop rock songs for stadium audiences. At our request they tell in detail their story, of where they are from and where they are going.


CYNBEL are a poprock band from Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The trio of Timon Hoitink (lead vocals, drums), Wolter Jetten (bass, backing vocals) and Ricardo Te Kolste (guitar, backing vocals) have been playing music together for several years now. They met each other in high school. After playing to regional audiences at several festivals and music venues, they received immensely positive feedback. So in 2014 the band decided to make the effort to do this professionally. “We didn’t want to have the feeling in 20 years that we missed out”, the band members explain.

CYNBELWith the new ambition belongs a new professional approach. They hired a manager and arranged a recording studio for their first EP. They now aim for a professional tight sound. “We are creating pop rock songs, so we were looking for someone who understands our sound. With garage rock it’s okay if it sounds raw. For us, the sound should be tight and accessible.”

Their manager brought them into contact with Huub Reijnders, who has also worked with U2 and Kaiser Chiefs. And the band couldn’t be more delighted, because they have a shared love for U2 and their particular sound. “We all have a different taste in music, but in many ways it is similar. We share a love for the old works of U2 and The Police for example, but we also dig Foals, The Killers and Muse”. That combination of 80s narrative pop music, a touch of melancholy and today’s epic rock sound is what they want to create. That is their ambition in life. For now the band members all have other jobs in addition to their musical career, but they hope eventually to be able to quit.

“That is our dream, to make a living out of it. Making music, touring and to touch as many people as possible with our songs.”

Until then they will take it step by step. The band recently signed with AT Bookings and will be participating in this year’s “Popronde”, the Dutch competition for new talent. So the future is looking bright for these guys!

CYNBEL - VagabondsWith their inspirations from 80s pop artists and the stadium sound of today’s rock bands, it’s no wonder that their debut single sounds accessible and epic! With a guitar sound that instantly reminds us of U2, and a sing along chorus that’s just undeniably irresistible, this song is destined for radio airplay and the charts. And above all: to perform live! Clocking at 3 minutes, this is a compact song with breaks at exactly the right moments, to create tension and keeping the energy up. “No one knows where the night has gone, no one knows where the road may go” say the lyrics. But unlike those lyrics and the title “Vagabonds”, they are not wandering around, lost and homeless. They have a clear goal and know how to go there.

Photography by Kim Balster.
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