Weekly Round-Up 28

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 28! This week we feature the new single by Late Hala. And we review debut releases by WensBrutalist, My Bones and Art Bloc. Enjoy the music!

Wens – Bones

WensDebut single by a young girl from named Wens (or Wensday up until a few days ago). That’s all we know. So this is yet another mystery debut. Her song “Bones” is dark and her voice is powerful. She sounds like she has experienced a lot of heartbreak. This will go straight to your soul. Incredible song for such a young age.

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Brutalist – Strep

BrutalistBrutalist is a collaboration between Seekae’s John Hassell and LUCIANBLOMKAMP. Their first effort is “Strep”, an emotional electronic soundscape with lush melodies and a supportive breakbeat. Both relaxing and challenging. It reminds us of Boards Of Canada, Plaid and Black Dog. Classic electronica!

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My Bones – Treehouses

My BonesLast week the duo My Bones’ debut single was released. With sad lyrics and a minimum of sounds, producer Tom Hollis and singer Lou Wellby create maximum effect. They let the space between the instruments do their work: giving you room to remember cherished feelings and memories from your youth. Aided by beautiful strings that enter halfway the song, this is a melancholic song for reminiscing, with some tears. Touching.

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Late Hala – Good Thing

Late HalaLate Hala are cousins Dan and Alexi from London. Their 2015 debut EP title song “Dark Clouds” is a slow progressive rock song with an ethereal ambient feel. With the new single “Good Thing” they lift up the tempo and spirits: it is a delicious feel good psychedelic pop song. With a bass that keeps things groovy and a slick guitar solo. We are glad we ‘caught up in this good thing’

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Art Bloc – Everyday

Art BlocArt Bloc are 18-year olds Jason Vaz and Harvey Wise. Their debut is an amazing chill out track with vocals by Beth Duck. The song is light as air and breezy as a cool summer wind. Besides music their project will also be showcasing their art. Their Instagram deserves special attention with simple but effective collages based on portraits of their inspirations.

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