Weekly Round-Up 24

Welcome to weekly round-up no. 24! This week we review four debut releases: Feuds, Orchin, Pace and Team Picture. Enjoy the music!

Feuds – River Of Wine

FeudsFeuds are a re-formed band from Brisbane, Australia: they are actually formerly known as The Bacchanales. Feuds’ debut song “River Of Wine” has been over a year in the making and was recorded in various locations across the Brisbane area – from bedrooms to rehearsal rooms. And you can tell they put a lot of love and energy in this one song. It sounds like an a 80s power ballad which underwent a 90s alternative rock makeover and came out as an epic song to played live for large crowds. Classic! The song is the first single from their upcoming EP “Stay Lost”. Stay tuned.

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Orchin – Dark

OrchinOrchin is a music project by Jeremy McLennan, which he started last year with the release of two (deleted) songs: “When No One’s Around” and “Anew”. The new wave sound with big beats has been morphed into more dreamwave on this official debut EP. “Dark” has a post-punk feel with emphasis on incredibly beautiful guitar melodies. McLennan calls his music genre ‘unpopular music‘, but that’s not gonna happen!

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Pace – Heartbeat

pace2Pace is a new three-piece project. “Heartbeat” is their debut song: a classic piano-driven orchestral pop song: melodic with underlying complex arrangements. It’s about “life in your 20s: a mixture of heartache, growing up, good and bad relationships”, singer Eden says. It was produced by Suede-guitarist Bernard Butler, who was moved by Eden’s voice and wanted to work together. So there is more to follow!

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Team Picture – Birthday Blues

Team PictureAnyone up for an uptempo, euphoric shoegaze stomper?! Then listen to debut single “Birthday Blues” by alternative rock band Team Picture from Leeds, UK. With a driving beat, some heavenly voices and that enormous wall of guitar sound, this is probably more fuzz pop than you can handle. This is an epic song which deserves it’s epic length!

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