Weekly Round-Up 23

Welcome to weekly round-up no. 23! This week we feature new songs by Lucky Punks and Lyel. And we review debut releases by Lonely Benson, Avi On Fire, Goldsmoke and Jupiter Cats. Enjoy the music!

Lonely Benson – Lazy Lover

Lonely BensonDan Young debuts as Lonely Benson with the cool and confident summer song “Lazy Lover”. With his soothing vocals he sings about the love for his favourite herb: weed. Just like it’s subject, the song will intensify every summer activity and event. A delightful tune that is perfect for being lazy and chilling out. Just like many artists he will be releasing one song a month. So keep an eye on him!

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Avi On Fire – Pearls

avi on fireAvi On Fire is the solo-project by Dutchman Bram Wesdorp. His aim is to write hit after hit after hit. Well, he succeeded with his debut! “Pearls” is an infectious soulful indiepop song. It’s joyful, catchy and brings you in a good mood immediately. If you like 60s inspired sunshine pop (for example Beach Boys) then this is the tune for you! More hits like this one please!

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Goldsmoke – All Falls Down

GoldsmokeThe brothers Nick and Tom Shirm from London disco band Manifesto started a new project together: Goldsmoke. They take their soul music from disco to slower territory: electronic R&B. Their debut single “All Falls Down” features warm synths and deep basses that give the track an irresistible groove. Add the smooth and soulful vocals and you have a killer debut song!


Lucky Punks – I Want You To Say

LUCKY PUNKS new“I Want You To Say” is the third released song by upcoming UK band Lucky Punks. The song is slower than the others, but they even know how to rock at a lower tempo! The song is just as catchy, and the band’s youthful energy is shining through again. Classic indierock, laden with hooks and great melodies.

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Lyel – Empath (Poetry For The World)

lyel2The new song “Empath” by Lyel is part of a collection of poems set to music. She will be releasing a 5-track selection later this month. It is different from her electropop songs, but just as important. With words about empowerment and self-esteem, this makes a true life manifesto. Guided by piano she reads her poetry with believe and urgency. Not only to herself but to us as well. She ends with “I want you to know, there’s no greater gift: you’re the most beautiful soul“. Direct, urgent and motivational. “Empath” is a beautiful addition to her other songs, and we can’t wait for more.

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Jupiter Cats – A Disengagement Party

Jupiter CatsJupiter Cats are a UK-based duo who create adventurous pop music from a mix of genres and styles. Their debut album “The Truant” will be a ‘noisy pop album about introversion, death and boredom‘. Listening to their first single “A Disengagement Party”, we are in for a real treat! The song consists of several distinctive parts which together make a surprisingly cohesive piece of music. The band ‘switches’ easily from funk rock to orchestral pop (reminding us of classic 70s rock), and even swing! The song has a real ‘live’ feel to it and you can imagine it coming together during improvisational jam sessions. The organ and trumpet solos add to that feeling. Jupiter Cats combine musicianship and imagination with a clear joy for performing.

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