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Yesterday Tom Lockett released his debut single “Feeling Bad”. After feeding himself with 60s psychedelica, folk and counterculture themes for several years and learning vintage recording techniques, he was finally ready for his first musical solo statement. “Feeling Bad” is a groovy, classic sounding psych-folk song.  

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Tom Lockett is from Stoke-on-Trent and before he went solo, he was the frontman of psychedelica rockers Electroshock Therapy. Formed in 2011, the band is heavily influenced by the 60s psychedelic sound.

ElectroshockTherapyThe signature track “Psychadelicacy” from their 2012 debut EP shows the influences in sound and vision. But the band is not only inspired by 60s music, but also by the counter-culture movement of the late 1960s. Social commentary on songs like “They Ain’t Got The Money Anymore” and even their artwork makes listening to their songs like a (acid) trip back to the past.

Tom Lockett became more and more interested in producing and recording songs and giving them that specific psychedelic retro sound. As an outlet for this passion, Lockett created Magic Cactus Records together with his brother Dan.

Magic Cactus RecordsThe first song on the label is his own “Everything Changes In Time“, released on Bandcamp and Soundcloud as a promotional song. Besides the music, his approach to recording music is also from a past era. The song was recorded to tape using an array of vintage instruments and equipment, and was mixed in mono. This first release demonstrates an old-school approach and gives an idea of what to expect from the label in the future.

“Everything Changes In Time” is not only a showcase for the brothers’ label, but also for Tom’s songwriting. With classic folk lyrics about sorrow and hope, a simple acoustic guitar and his incredible voice he creates a haunting psychedelic folk ballad. For his lyrics he finds inspiration by Hermann Hesse’s poems about individual’s search for authenticity, self-knowledge and spirituality, Beat poetry by Allen Ginsberg, and works from George Orwell. His musical influences range from Woody Guthrie to Ravi Shankar. Lockett describes his signature blend of folk, blues, jazz, psychedelia and ‘Summer of Love‘ as ‘The Great Depression on acid’.

Tom Lockett - Feeling BadThe new song and official debut single also has it’s roots in 60s psych-folk sound, but is completely different. With it’s extra instrumentation of harmonicas and electric organs, “Feeling Bad” is far more groovy and uplifting. With his remarkable voice he sings wisely about changing your mindset to feel better, and to try new ways. Both his tone and words show confidence and optimism. Tom Lockett co-produced the record with Shaun Lowe, producer of soul legends The Drifters. The artwork contributes to the overall 60s vibe of the song, it’s theme and it’s production. This is without a doubt a future indie psych-folk classic.

“Feeling Bad” will be officially released by Magic Cactus Records on August 5th, but you can pre-order Ltd Edition CD or Digital Download now at Bandcamp.
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