Weekly Round-Up 25

Welcome to weekly round-up no. 25! This week we feature the new single by closely and we review as much as SEVEN debut releases: Tom Lockett, Not NoLullyJo Marches, Cherryade, Airplane Man and Blonder. Enjoy the music!

Tom Lockett – Feeling Bad

Tom LockettTom Lockett’s official debut single has it’s roots in 60s psych-folk sound and counter culture. The harmonicas and electric organs give “Feeling Bad” a groovy and uplifting vibe. With his remarkable voice he sings wisely about changing your mindset to feel better, to try new ways. Both his tone and words show confident and optimism. This is without a doubt a future indie psych-folk classic.

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closely – Still Here

Closely2The indiedance trio of Michael, Spenser and Joel from Toronto, Canada return with a new song! The second single “Still Here” is another dreamy feel good song for summer. With a sound somewhere between 80s balearic pop, indiepop and tropical house this will give good vibes instantly. Best to enjoy at your beach or pool party!

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Jo Marches – The Night

Jo MarchesFrom Utrecht, Netherlands, this new indie band delivers an amazing first effort. Every single sound, from the synth-melodies to the heavenly vocals by singer Johanneke Kranendonk, is at it’s place, creating a classic sounding dreampop/shoegaze song with a light psychedelic touch. As the title says, it is even better to enjoy this gem during night times. Their debut EP follows later this year.

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Not No – Talk Fast

NotNoNot No is the duo of Andreas Stavropolis and Max Berman. They start off with a huuuge indiedance track “Talk Fast”! The vocals are given an effective reverb treatment, making them dreamy and melancholic. A warm house beat and summery melodies will make you dream and dance at the same time. For fans of Rush Midnight and Brothertiger.

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Lully – Slow D’s

LullyLully’s debut “Slow D’s” is something weird and wonderful! Crunchy electronics, with vocal snippets for refrain, a harsh snare and a fat bassline. And yet it is incredibly soulful, mostly due to the male and female vocals. They are even somewhat seductive as you will. This is another mysterious new band, and we were don’t care who’s behind the project, as long as they create magic songs like this one.

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Cherryade – Fractured Fairytales

cherryade1London newcomers Cherryade blast off with a raw, beats-driven noise-pop song about breaking with social norms. Loud beats and raps make “Fractured Fairytales” an urgent and direct statement to be heard and taken seriously. It reminds us of protest songs from M.I.A. and Sleigh Bells, both in sound and message. Besides the music, Cherryade’s confidence and attitude are signs that we will be hearing a lot from them in the future!

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Airplane Man – We’re On Fire

Airplane ManAirplane Man is an anonymous band with an impeccable, professional sound and production. The song has everything to be a hit: great melodies, a great sing along refrain and catchy “oh oh oh’s”. It combines the grandeur of Bastille and Imagine Dragons with a more lush synthpop sound of Miike Snow and Passion Pit. “We’re On Fire” is simply an amazing debut! Check their video for some psychedelic visuals!

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Blonder – Lean

BlonderThis debut song “Lean” by New Yorker Tino Grigio as Blonder is a classic post-punk song in sound, but also in the emotions that it evokes: it’s both melancholic and hopeful, both sad and uplifting. Hazy guitars, synth waves and dreamy vocals, it’s all here to create that particular atmosphere. If you dig Day Wave’s songs, then Blonder is an artist that you’ll love, within just a few bars into the song.

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