Weekly Round-Up 19

Welcome to weekly round-up No. 19! This week we saw the long awaited return of… The Stone Roses!! And we review five debut singles: by CalypsoModern Pleasure, WinohnaToulouse and DIICE. Enjoy the music!

The Stone Roses – All For One

StoneRosesOne of the best bands ever, and britpop legends have finally returned with new material! After years of waiting, speculating and non-believing, The Stone Roses are back! And somehow they preserved their trademark dance-rock sound called Madchester way back in the late 80s. The song rocks and grooves, without ever sounding outdated. Welcome back!

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Calypso – Numbered

CalypsoCalypso Brown is also part of duo SLOW. Her debut as a solo artist is an uptempo pop song with a disco feel. It actually sounds similar to SLOW. That’s not a coincidence, because it was produced by Cal Young, the other half of SLOW. The menacing piano melody and her powerful voice singing “our days are numbered” are in stark contrast of the dance groove. But somehow this works incredibly well. Impressive.

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Modern Pleasure – Messina

Modern PleasureModern Pleasure is new five-piece band from Leeds. The two founding members were known as Goodbye Chanel, but they said… goodbye. The new formation resulted in the delightful indierock song “Messina”. Fortunately their dreamy jangly sound is still present. The production is tighter and fresher, and has more ‘grandeur’. This is a catchy summer love song about the Italian city of Messina. Tropical vibes included of course!

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Winohna – The Sea

winohnaThis week the self-produced debut EP by Winohna appeared. The band consists of brother and sister creating dreamy, airy electronic pop music about love. All four songs are delicate and self-assured at the same time. “The Sea” is the title track. It sets the mood instantly, with melancholic melodies and their sweet vocals. This is pure, beautiful dreampop! A very promising EP concerning their young age.

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Toulouse – Hurtin’

ToulouseExtraordinary debut single by New York based musician Toulouse. It has a clear intended retro feel by combining diverse influences like soul, doo wop, orchestral pop and big band swing. The nostalgia effect is even in the hardly noticeable vinyl clicks throughout the song. It’s an incredible accomplishment to keep this a cohesive song with all those multiple elements. But even more, it’s beautiful, heartfelt and simply brilliant!

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DIICE – Multigold

DIICEAnother mystery production! More soulful female vocals with electronic instrumentation. Is this debut “Multigold” by DIICE any different? Yes, it definitely is! It’s in the execution. From the very beginning there is a tension within the song, created by a hypnotic tone and beautiful vocals, and the way the reverbs of both merge together. It makes the song sweet and sensual. The song has a classic structure with a subtle hip hop beat and the inevitable claps to keep you grooving. This is without a doubt a future R&B pop classic.


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