Weekly Round-Up 20

Welcome to weekly round-up No. 20! This week we feature new singles by PridesWanderer and Bad Rabbit. And we review five debut singles: by Liv DawsonAmaara, Dyan, Persian Poems and Nightly. Enjoy the music!

Liv Dawson – Tapestry

liv dawsonAn old soul in a young girl’s body, that’s a way to describe the 17-year old Liv Dawson. Her debut single “Tapestry” sounds very mature concerning her young age. And very believable. With just a simple beat, a piano melody and her wonderful vocals she creates an intimate R&B love song. Magical.

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Wanderer – Driving

WandererThe always important second single! This week Wanderer launched his one, called “Driving”. The song has a similar mood as his debut “Only In The Night“; melancholic, hopeful, and perfect for summer night drives (as the title indicates). The song has a sound that recalls the 80s, with it’s uptempo beat and classic guitar solo. The artwork and clothing style emphasize this. Great second single and we hope there is more to come!

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Amaara – Black Moon

AMAARAAMAARA is musician, actress and model Kaelen Ohm. She is also part of Reuben And The Dark, known for their indiefolk pop songs. Her sound is different. “Black Moon” is beautiful, melancholic dreampop with an ethereal atmosphere‬. Her heavenly and haunting vocals is a perfect match for that mood. The song has dark theme: coping with depression and addiction. Her debut is both lyrically and musically simply stunning!!

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Prides – Rome


After almost a year there is a new song by Prides! During their absence they experimented with new sounds and rhythms, e.g. with the quarter-note-triplet beat. They took inspiration from eighties bands like Simple Minds and especially Tears For Fears, whose forgettable song “The Way You Are” is clearly an example. It makes Prides more groovy and they rock more than usual. Fortunately, their music still sounds great and compelling, and they deliver yet another synthpop anthem.

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DYAN – St. James


DYAN consists of Alexis Marsh, Samuel Jones, en Daniel Dorff Jr. Singer Marsh is from a community in Winnipeg, USA called St. James. Her town’s stretched landscape is the inspiration for this remarkable debut single. It’s a metaphor for (expectations about) the future. Musically it’s calm dreampop featuring her delicate voice, a guitar solo and beautiful strings. DYAN’s debut is a wonderfully crafted song that deserves all of your attention.

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Nightly – XO

nightlyNightly’s debut is a classic poprock anthem about a classic theme: loving someone you shouldn’t. Everything in this song just clicks: the claps, the heavy drums, bassline and the infectious singing. They all contribute in making the song get stuck in your head, even within the first listen.

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Persian Poems – TAPE #1 (Farewell Symphony)

persian-poemsPersian Poems is the solo project by Bristol-based Iranian musician Kam Biz, also part of the band Sienna Chorus. His debut single is a tranquil and meditative song about the excitement he felt when he found out he was going to become a father, and the life changes coming with it. The ambient pop song is enriched with beautiful orchestration and angelic strings. You can feel the warmth and love. Hypnotizing.


Bad Rabbit – You Got A Match

Bad RabbitCombine a mysterious dance producer (with a mask), a social media theme (Tinder) and an already-hit in Swedish (“Du Swipa Höger” by Emil Berg), and ‘you got a match’! This dance-pop song is so catchy, it’ll infect everyone who hears it. So be aware, you won’t get rid of the tune easily (if you ever want to)! This English version is just in time to become one of this year’s summer anthems. Of course we swipe to the right!

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