Weekly Round-Up 18

Welcome to weekly round-up No. 18! This week we feature new singles by Cosmo Brown, BaulaGreer and Weirdo, and review debut singles by alextbh, Slow ShudderJoey Jack, Sam Fischer, Future Jr. and Wake The Wild. Enjoy the music!

alextbh – tbh

alextbhDebut single by Malaysian artist alextbh is something weird and wonderful. It’s an electronic song about despair and heartbreak. The distorted, slowed down “I still love you” lyrics are haunting. He relies heavily on electronics, but maintains a real emotional touch in his song. It’s angular like Autechre, and smooth like Drake at the same time. This is a stunning first single and we can’t wait to see what alextbh will be doing next.

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Slow Shudder – Call You Back

Slow ShudderAfter her chill trap cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” Amanda Mayo has returned with an original song, her debut single “Call You Back”. You can describe the song as future bass and is similar to Katy B’s work. The song is based around her vocal chops and a dreamy synth melody, which work really great together. Add her sweet vocals to the mix and you have a wonderful debut single to which you can both dream and dance (a little).

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Baula – Don’t Bother

BaulaBaula is a part Swedish, part Icelandic alternative pop band based in Sweden. “Don’t Bother” is their new single. The song has a wonderful atmosphere (mood) and a slow build. The present trumpet gives it something really sad, on top of the melancholic sound of the piano melody. It’s an appropriate background for the beautiful vocals and determined and consisting repeating of the “Don’t bother” lyrics. Simply gorgeous!


Greer – Blow Your Mind

Greer19-year old Greer Wilson has released a couple of great songs so far, “High On My Love” being the best. But he has not been discovered… yet. He looks and sounds fresh, and has a pleasant voice for both singing and rapping. His new single “Blow Your Mind” continues the electronic R&B sound, and has real hit potential! It’s catchy as hell and extremely radio-friendly. If this song was given to Justin Bieber for example, this would be a worldwide hit. This could be his breakthrough. Keep your eyes and ears on him!

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Joey Jack – Wings

Joey JackAt first listen this sounds like an Avicii song, which is both a compliment and a pitfall. But there is an important difference: Joey Jack wrote the lyrics himself and sings, without use of samples. If you take away the dance elements in your mind, what remains is an intimate acoustic campfire song. With the dance production it becomes a euphoric dancefloor stomper. It works in both settings. That’s the power of a great song!

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Sam Fischer – Lean

Sam FischerAn amazing debut single! A sweet soul song for instant seduction! The lyrics are a collection of perfect flirty one-liners making up a story, but sung by Fischer with his falsetto voice this becomes a song for mature mating! The rhythm with the off-beat snaredrum/claps and reverbs makes this song groovy as well. To finish off there is the Prince-worthy electric guitar solo. Stunning.

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Future Jr. – Tell Me That I’m Wrong

Future JrThe 22-year old Australian Matthew Nainby is Future Jr. and “Tell Me That I’m Wrong” is his debut single. It’s a midtempo electropop track that has enough rhythm and pace to make you move, but to stay focused on the soulful vocals and the heartfelt lyrics. The somewhat plain but effective production makes this a both beautiful and melancholic pop song. A promising new artist.

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Cosmo Brown – Browsers & Sisters

Cosmo BrownEvery single song Cosmo Brown releases is naturally funky. It must be the guy’s attitude towards life & music: confident and swinging. His new one “Browsers & Sisters” is another awesome addition! He manages to combine funk, house and new wave into his own style. When played on the dancefloor people will immediately move. It’s familiar and fresh at the same time: an amazing quality for a songwriter & dance producer!

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Weirdo – Armanio

weirdo butterThe band Weirdo is still a mystery. There is still no information on who is behind the project. The song is about a break-up, but with the indiedance production they make it something fun and festive! And just in case a break-up is something to celebrate, than this song will be the perfect! Let’s disco!

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Wake The Wild – Touch The Ground

Wake The WildIt’s in the lyrics: “This feeling is electrical”. Yes, it is! Introducing the perfect euphoric summersong: “Touch The Ground”, debut single by Wake The Wild. The song is about sharing moments with loved ones and has a great airy and carefree summer vibe. This will be the perfect soundtrack for having fun with your friends. Play it often and loud, and make memories to this song. They will stick forever!

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