Weekly Round-Up 17

Welcome to weekly round-up No. 17! This week we saw the return of Roosevelt and Local Natives. We feature new singles by Her’s and Tom Rabin, and review debut singles by The Found Wonder and Paperlane Park. Enjoy the music!

Roosevelt – Colours

RooseveltLast week Roosevelt returned with a new (double) single! We are more than glad, because we missed his dreamy dub disco songs. The songs are about dealing with breaking up and moving on “Colours” has a great piano melody and an irresistible groove. This song is destined to be a summer club hit. “Moving On” is more subdued and the chill out equivalent for the beach. His debut album “Roosevelt” will be released in August.

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The Found Wonder – Calling

The Found Wonder“The Found Wonder” is a solo project by singer-songwriter Timothy Kohler from Cape Town, South Africa. “Calling” is his debut single. He is also part of indiepop band Shout Hey. In contrary to the band’s uplifting sound, his solo song is calm and introspective, and even has a certain folk feel to it. You can tell a lot of thought went into both lyrics and sound, although they seem deceitfully simple. We hope there’s a lot more coming soon.

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Paperlane Park – The Mirror

Paperlane ParkThis is something special! Out of nowhere this debut appeared. It is by Belgian composer/arranger Jasper Stockmans who created an exciting, cinematic dream in sounds. Getting his inspiration from classic crooners and soundtrack music, he melted these influences into a slightly psychedelic, baroque pop song. With a beautiful structure, build and production. Amazing!

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Her’s – What Once Was

Her'sLiverpool duo Her’s has been surprising indie fans with their dreamy janglepop. This is the second song of their debut 7″ which will be released next week. The title “What Once Was” can be applied to their 80s new wave sound with teen angst theme. But that sound is still relevant, as the band proves! With the deep low vocals and cynical humour this gem is a delight!

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Tom Rabin – Sleep Right

Tom RabinNew single by singer/songwriter/producer Tom Rabin form London is a perfect electro-acoustic combination. With a simple but effective electronic back track, the song is built up with layers of acoustic instruments. Rabin leaves enough room for reverb effects, his vocals and above all his guitar playing. Beautiful, calm song, with a lot of depth.

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Local Natives – Past Lives

Local NativesUnexpected returns are the best! After three years we have a new song by Local Natives! It starts out calmly, but after an early break their familiar dance rock sound is back in the mix. With harmonious vocals, percussive elements and guitar hooks this is as anthemic as their previous work. There is not much surprise, but the song doesn’t disappoint either. A solid return.

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