Weekly Round-Up 16

Welcome to weekly round-up No. 16! This week we saw the return of I Am Snow Angel and Corbu. We feature debut singles by IDERBergman/Wasa and Hannah Jane Lewis. Enjoy the music!

Corbu – Polygon Forest

CorbuCorbu is a Brooklyn indie band with a sound that embraces electronica, psychedelica and pop music in equal proportions. Their songs are hypnotic and dreamy. The new single “Polygon Forest” seems to rely less on electronica in favour of a more ‘live’ feel with heavy drums and an irresistible groovyness! “Polygon Forest” is the first single from their long awaited debut album “Crayon Soul”, to be released August 5, 2016.

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IDER – Sorry

IDERIDER is a new duo of Megan Markwick and Lilly Somerville from London, UK. Their debut song is a beautiful calm ambient pop song about falling out of love with someone. The structure seems minimal, but there are many details. Their combination of folk and electronica reminds us of Bibio, their soulful delicate voices of FKA Twigs. “Sorry” is an emotional and honest pop ballad that impresses from the very first moment.

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I Am Snow Angel – Fever

I Am Snow AngelEvery single time we are impressed by the lush and comforting voice of Julie Kathryn as I Am Snow Angel. Again with her new single “Fever”! It’s an ethereal electropop song with subtle use of electronics, reverbs and sampled vocals. Kathryn takes us into her sonic dreamworld with her deceitfully simple but oh so effective song. Great job!


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Bergman-Wasa – The Same

Erik Dunkel“The Same” is the debut single by Erik Dunkel from Sweden. Bergman/Wasa is his solo project. He is also member of indiedance band Caotico, together with his brother Joel. His solo music is a somewhat darker electro without the ‘pop’ sound. But it’s also dreamy because of his vocals which have a lot of reverb. It creates both a disturbing as well as a soothing atmosphere. Sometimes even at the same time. This is a great first single! According to Dunkel, his debut album has been recorded and is finished, but he decided to release some more singles first.


Hannah Jane Lewis – Why Start A War

Hannah Jane LewisThere is a fresh new pop princess! Hannah Jane Lewis has delivered an amazing synthpop song. The song starts out slowly, more ballad-like, and somewhat dark. It’s about seeing a loved one coping with problems without being able to help. The song builds slowly with a lot of percussive sounds, and ends in a glorious pop chorus. Very ambitious first song that succeeds in every way. Lewis’ self-titled EP is due out June 14.

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