Weekly Round-Up 15

Welcome to weekly round-up No. 15! This week we saw the return of The Temper Trap and FURS. We feature debut singles by Feral LoveJae DouglassMercury Girls, Arqs and Toffe. Enjoy the music!

Feral Love – Like The Wind

Feral LoveFeral Love is the duo of Adele Emmas and Christian Sandford from Liverpool. Their official debut is a beautiful electropop song with a sound and feel that reminds us of great 80s pop ballads. Together with Adele’s voice this could be an ethereal, haunting Kate Bush song, but for today’s generation.

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Jae Douglass – Mystery

Jae DouglassJae Douglass is a musician and producer signed to Artist Mafia Records in Las Vegas, USA. There is not much biographical information, but there is his song! It’s a slow R&B song which features hip hop beats, a funky bass and Douglass’ incredibly pleasant voice. He switches easily from singing to rapping and back again. The smooth and effective production is by Isaac Lee (known for his song “Jack”). Very promising!

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Mercury Girls – Ariana

Mercury GirlsMercury Girls actually has only one girl, together with four guys. They are from Philadelphia, USA. “Ariana” is their debut single. The band has a classic indiepop sound of fuzzy and jangly guitars, but combined with some dreamy shoegaze, and uptempo post-punk for the dancerock vibes. Amidst are the heavenly vocals from singer Sarah Schimineck. The song is only 2,5 minute long, but that’s enough to be left stunned by this effective, compact pop song!

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The Temper Trap – Fall Together

The Temper TrapThe return of The Temper Trap! The Australian band formed in 2005 and had their break-through with the indierock classic “Sweet Disposition”. The new single “Fall Together” is from their upcoming album “Thick As Thieves”. Fortunately their sound hasn’t changed much in the 4-year absence, although the new single is more upbeat than we are used to. But the guitar arpeggios, driving bass and Mandagi’s vocals are again classic.

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FURS – Natives

FURSYessss! FURS are back with a new single! We’ve been fans ever since their debut “Just Kids”, an indiepop gem that didn’t get the mainstream attention it deserved (to our humble opinion). Hopefully this delightful new song “Natives” will! It’s a catchy, hook-laden guitarpop song that will have you sing along in no time! Their debut album will be released next month. Definitely something to watch out for!

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Toffe – Painting Pictures

TOFFEWhen you’re from Sweden and making pop music, expectations will be high. And with a first single as great as this one by Toffe, they will be even higher!! Glistering and catchy, this is as classic as pop songs by Passion Pit and St. Lucia! With loads of hooks and an irresistible melody, this song will undoubtedly make you feel good. The lyrics celebrate the healing process after a break-up. “I’ve made myself into something that I can say I’m proud.” This is pure pop bliss. We believe Toffe is heading for mainstream any time soon.

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Arqs – And It Was All Just A Dream…

ArqsWho is Arqs? We don’t know. It’s another anonymous musician/producer with a great debut song. It’s a downtempo electronic track with a lot of synth sounds and melodies. There is a lot happening here! And there is also a clear jazzy swing present, thanks to some clever and excellent rhythm programming. This beautiful piece of experimental electronic music improves with every listen.

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