Weekly Round-Up 3

Welcome to weekly round-up No. 3. This week we feature amazing new singles by Day Wave, Kakkmaddafakka and Mullally. Two songs got exciting updates, and were re-released last week (The Echo Peaks and Oscar). And we danced to catchy indiedisco debuts by Tuskany and Arona Mane. Enjoy the music!

Day Wave – Gone

Day Wave EPJackson Phillips has been holding back songs for his upcoming EP, songs that show growth. As Phillips himself sings at the beginning of “Gone”, his new song: “You think I’m still the same, in every single way. But I changed”. His dreampop sound seems more relaxed and spontaneous. Pay especially attention to the warm lovely synth melodies in the back-ground. Beautiful and consciously chosen first single for the new “Hard To Read” EP.

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Mullally – Overdose

MullallyMullally is a singer-songwriter from the UK. He’s only 19-year old, but a rising indiepop talent. There are two things that separate him from the rest: first of all his amazing falsetto vocals, and second, his ability to convert his writings into a mature yet fresh popsong. “Overdose” features his voice, but is backed by some dope hip hop beats and subtle orchestration. Superbly produced by Pro2Jay. We will hear a lot from him in the future.

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The Echo Peaks – Blank Sheet

The Echo PeaksThe Echo Peaks are a psychedelic rock band from Denmark. Last week their song “Blank Sheet” appeared on Soundcloud. Originally it’s an acoustic solo song by the band’s singer (as Ocean Milk). Together they transform the lo-fi folk song into an epic psychedelic tour-de-force. It’s an amazing multi-layered song, recalling ’60s psychedelia. The band are impressively skilled musicians and songwriters, and deserve way more attention.

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Kakkmaddafakka – Young You

KakkmaddafakkaWhen the piano starts it feels like a cheerful uptempo song. But the lyrics are about breaking up and growing up: “Young You, I’m leaving you”. It makes the song balance between melancholy and hope. Sounds and words never get melodramatic nor indifferent. With resignation and celebration side by side this is the perfect closure song after a break-up. The catchy piano melody is there to remind you things will be better.

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Oscar – Sometimes

OscarFor those who missed the first appearance of “Sometimes” almost two years ago, can now catch up. The song has been re-produced for Oscar’s debut album “Cut and Paste” (to be released in May). The new version sounds tighter and lost some of it’s ‘lo-fi bedroom’ quality (or: romantics). Fortunately the sound is still uncompromising and raw. His catchy danceable poprock is comparable to The Dandy Warhols and Tilly & The Wall.

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Tuskany – Better Time

Tuskany - Better TimeIt’s been a long time that we heard such a funky danceable indiepop song. Tuskany’s debut single succeeds in every way. It’s catchy and irresistible. The hooks, bass, the use of filters, everything is effective in making you move. The lyrics are about seducing someone to have a ‘better time’. Well, this song should do the trick all by itself! Indiepop vs Disco? For us it’s a tie on this delicious slice of indiedance. We. Can’t. Stop. Dancing.

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Arona Mane – Things You Do

Arona ManeAnother debut single, and another dance song as well! Build around a lyric sample from Sister Sledge’s disco classic “Thinking Of You“, this single sounds just as funky and laid-back as the R&B song itself. But of course Australian producer Arona Mane knows how to make it sound fresh for today’s dancefloors. And beaches for that matter, because with that saxophone included, this track is a great preparation for summer!

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