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Sometimes a debut single is so accomplished that you wonder: why haven’t I heard from the artist before? Bryce Fox is such a case. With indie music blogs superficially rushing to declare a new upcoming star, Indie Pop-Ups took the time to do some research. We discovered that indeed he’s been around a little bit longer. Join us as we tell his story. A journey of persistence in pursuing a career.

Bryce Fox

So finally the breakthrough single “Burn Fast” for Bryce Fox is here. And it’s been a long way. Now living in Los Angeles, Brice Fox originally is from Bloomington, Indiana. When attending college he was already involved in getting people together to make music. It all started back in 2011 when he and his friend Daniel Weber composed the Indiana University basketball team anthem “This Is Indiana“. After graduating Fox moved to L.A. to pursue his music career.

Orfan CrewIn 2012 he joins Matty Rico to form the Orfan Crew, and together they recorded some slick R&B hip hop songs, all accompanied by great videos. As BeeFox Fox releases “Blue Skies Over Red“, actually a great song that predates his current epic ballad sound. During 2013 the crew members seem to go their own way. Around the same time, Fox got his debut album funded with a Kickstarter project. It was called “Okay, Hello” and was independently released on iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify. Was. But it’s not available anymore. Usually when old music disappears it has to do with publishing rights or songs being re-recorded. Or maybe Fox just felt embarrassed by his old songs; with songs featuring Matty Rico the music is still associated with ‘old’ Brice Fox.

In the meantime Fox kept writing songs and tried to get established artists’ attention. Without giving up he sold many of his songs to entertainment companies like 20th Century Fox and MTV for use in movies and TV series.

Bryce FoxFlash forward to now, to ‘new’ Bryce Fox. So what makes his new song “Burn Fast” different, why will this be his big break? First of all he now is backed by BMG Music Publishing. But there is something far more important: Fox has finally found the right ‘mature’ pop sound for his voice. You can hear he feels at home and that this is the sound he was meant to create. The song has grandeur and urges you to sing along. It will speak to the pop masses without being mediocre. With such an amazing debut we believe that his years of slow cooking won’t burn fast. The journey has just begun.

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