Weekly Round-Up 4

Welcome to weekly round-up No. 4. This week we saw the return of She Wants Revenge, and Wild Palms reinforcing their return with a 2nd single. We listened to new singles by Rush Midnight, AZTECS and IAMBENJI. And we discovered debut singles by Bryce Fox and BoyBoy. Enjoy the music!

She Wants Revenge – Never

She Wants RevengeAfter four years, there is finally a new single by She Wants Revenge. Their sound hasn’t changed much, and it is a great reminder of why we love them. Their new one is another great post-punk love song with Justin’s desperate vocals singing the lyrics about a girl that “is never gonna let you go”. Haunting. The instrumental break with a funky bass at the 3-minute mark makes us want an extended club version. Excellent return.

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BoyBoy – Boy

BoyBoyThe debut single from BoyBoy. Who? BoyBoy is the solo project by Strange Babies‘s Sam McCarthy. And oh boy, oh boy, what an amazing debut song! Sensual soul soaked in a slick synthpop production. The funky bassline keeps things moving, and you’ll find yourself snapping your fingers in no time. This is one of the best songs that updates the 80s groove sound, which has been an inspiration to many artists lately.


AZTECS – Faith


AZTECS needed just one more song for their second EP called “Only One”. And “Faith” is the perfect addition to the bright & breezy sound of the other songs. And it’s perfect timing, because the songs sound like a summer soundtrack. The synthpop songs will cheer you up and make you feel relaxed.

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Rush Midnight – True

Rush MidnightWe just love the 80s-based, chilled synthpop sound of Rush Midnight. Every new song he uploads is pleasing to our ears. That’s not only due to the instrumentation, but to his seducing voice as well. It really doesn’t matter what he sings to us! Especially with the slight dub effects on the vocals, they make it like he’s gently whispering. We hope for a new album, maybe in 2016? We ‘wonder if it’s true‘…

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IAMBENJI – Something Going On

IAMBENJIWith a degree in Music Production, Benji Boko knows what he is doing. He tags his songs as gospel, and indeed his songs are spiritual. With detailed production containing surprisingly many loops and samples, he makes his new one “Something Going On” hypnotic and… yes, even spiritual. His soul music based on broken-beats and sampling won’t be for just anyone, but those who tune in, will be hooked in no time.

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Bryce Fox – Burn Fast

Bryce FoxBryce Fox’ debut will be his breakthrough, because after years he found the right ‘mature’ pop sound for his voice. You can hear he feels at home and that this is the sound he was meant to create. The song has grandeur and urges you to sing along. It will speak to the pop masses without being mediocre. With such an amazing debut we believe that his years of slow cooking won’t burn fast.

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Wild Palms – Temper Gold

Wild PalmsAnother band that was absent way too long. Three months ago we saw the return of Wild Palms after five years. Their first single Ennio immediately got everybody hooked again on their experimental pop. Now there’s the successor. It’s very atmospheric and almost ethereal, mostly due to Lou Hill’s vocals. Clever beats and layered melodies make this an unusual popsong. Beautiful!

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