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The Echo Peaks

Little is known about The Echo Peaks, a psychedelic rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Their history traces back to about three years when the video for their song “Bend Out Of Shape” was released. Their sound is classic psychedelic rock, clearly having ’60s influences. But you can also hear early Primal Scream and The Charlatans. Sometimes the songs are even cinematic; the amazing “Blue Dark Night” would suit a David Lynch movie soundtrack perfectly. Their debut album, simply called “The Echo Peaks”, appeared on Bandcamp in March 2015.

Echo Peaks - Thomas Christiansen2Fast forward to now. There are two new songs on Soundcloud. “Blanket Sheet” was released last week. This song has already been uploaded to Soundcloud as an acoustic song by mysterious Copenhagen singer-songwriter Ocean Milk, which tellingly is The Echo Peaks’ singer Thomas Christiansen.

Echo Peaks1

The other members are Peter Jørgensen, Mikael Jørgensen and Jesper Tonnesen. Together they transform the lo-fi acoustic folk song into an epic psychedelic tour-de-force. It starts quite relaxed, and the track is an elaborate version of the original. Halfway through the song repeating lyrics “Live it up, get it right” get the echo treatment. The remaining part is an amazing multi-layered psychedelic instrumental, recalling classic psychedelia from Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd and Cream. The Echo Peaks are impressively skilled musicians and songwriters, and deserve way more attention.

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