Weekly Round-Up 2

Welcome to the second round-up of week of 2016. We can look back on a week with a lot of 80s inspired music! New singles from Rationale, Paradise Walk, Molyneaux and Sienna Chorus popped up. Other new songs are by Mood Robot and Greg Hvnsen. And we discovered a cool debut single from The Modern Strangers. Enjoy!

Rationale – Something For Nothing

RationaleWith already an amazing debut EP under his belt, Rationale just keeps going. Less than 3 months after the EP release, there is another beautiful song called “Something For Nothing”. With it’s downtempo groove and a slightly 80s touch it’s a perfect track for his unique soulful voice. Rationale confirms his rising star status again and again.

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Paradise Walk – Neon Rain

Paradise Walk VHSAfter the amazing summersong “Summer Heat” last year expectations were high. But Paradise Walk pulled it off! They love 80s sounding production and on “Neon Rain” every single detail succeeds: the synthesizer melodies, drum patterns, vocals, and… the saxophone solo. Yesss! And it is so beautiful! It makes “Neon Rain” a perfect popsong for those melancholic midnight drives.

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Greg Hvnsen – What Would You Have Me Do

Greg HvnsenGreg Hvnsen has been releasing his music on Bandcamp for almost two years now. This one “What Would You Have Me Do” is actually from October last year, but popped up on Soundcloud this week. It’s a delicious midtempo pop song with several synth melodies intertwining. It sounds fresh and breezy, and it makes for a joyous summer track. Just put it on repeat and summer will start early this year!

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Sienna Chorus – S|W|Y|A

sienna-chorusBristol band Sienna Chorus is amazingly good at combining introspective lyrics with a powerful sound that is… big, even anthemic. The third single “S|W|Y|A” (Stay Were You Are) is arguably their best effort yet.With the video consisting of home made videos they emphasize the message of the song: it is important to know where you come from, and to stay connected.

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Molyneaux – One More Night

MolyneauxMulti-talent Aaron Molyneaux is a very productive young man. Besides making music, he also directs videos. This week his single and video for “One More Night” were released. The title reminds us of the 80s Phil Collins classic pop ballad. It is not the same song, but Molyneaux makes his one just as sentimental, backed with an effective 80s sounding instrumental track. The video in sepia is simple yet elegant with Molyneaux desperately speaking the words on the phone.

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The Modern Strangers – Margarita

The Modern Strangers - MargaritaThere is little known about the band The Modern Strangers. They hail from Kent, UK. That’s basically it for background information. They have been played on BBC Introducing Radio, so eyes are on them if you hadn’t noticed yet. Their debut is a catchy uptempo pop rock song with funky guitar riffs, synth melodies and a lot of sing-a-long ‘ooh ooh’s. This a dream debut and we hope to know more soon. One to watch!

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Mood Robot – Invisible Chains

Mood Robot bandEven more 80s sounding music this week! The Los Angeles trio create beautiful synth pop songs. Their new one “Invisible Chains” is a downtempo vocal duet. It’s remarkably well produced. With a driving bassline, occasional synth swooshes and consciously placed beats, this is a perfect synthpop ballad. If you love CHVRCHES or POLIÇA, this the next band for you to listen to!

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