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Sienna Chorus is an upcoming band from Bristol. They debuted September 2014 with their song “Sideways“. An incredibly well-written song that impresses from the beginning: the personal lyrics, strong melodies and even the build of the song. Actually, it doesn’t sound as a first effort, but more like the five friends have been secretly writing and playing together for years! Even the video looks beautiful and professional. The second release “Perfect Remedy” continued the road taken. Sienna Chorus is amazingly good at combining introspective lyrics with a powerful sound that is… big, even anthemic. The sound is similar to bands like Imagine Dragons (but less dramatic) and Bastille (but less poppy).

And now there is the third single “S|W|Y|A” (“Stay Where You Are”). And arguably their best effort yet. Compared to the demo version, it improved in grandeur and production, without forgetting the focus on lyrics and vocals. With the video consisting of home made videos they emphasize the message of the song: it is important to know where you come from. Even if you go, ‘stay where you are’. That’s also a thing that the band members must keep in mind. It is clear that they are capable of and willing to reach for greater things. And they definitely should. Their pitfall may be to end up sounding like any epic pop rock band. “I won’t forget where we are from. I’m coming back. Stay where you are.”

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