Weekly Round-Up 1

Welcome to the round-up of week number 1 of 2016. We can look back on a week with adventurous and colourful music! We witnessed the return of Yeasayer and My Darling Fury. We were amazed by new singles from Wild Nothing, Malka and Low Cut High Tops. And we discovered beautiful debut singles from Fraser Jane and Lovespeake. Enjoy!

Low Cut High Tops – Lonely And Cold

Low Cut High TopsThis week Low Cut High Tops’ David Burns drops several still frames for a new video on his Twitter. Cool! That’ll keep us satisfied while we await the release of his debut album “Eh, Whatever” next month! Burns also treated us with the song “Lonely & Cold” in his particular grunge pop style. There is a simple pleasantly seizure-inducing video to the song, in which Burns shows off one of his favourite habits. Holy smoke, no panties?!

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Wild Nothing – Reichpop

Wild NothingWhat’s in a name? Or in this case, in a song title?! Well, it’s inspiration! Wild Nothing’s Jack Tatum has been listening to minimal music pioneer Steve Reich. That is evident from the beginning, with a repetitive marimba melody that makes Wild Nothing sound not only dreamy but tropical as well. And it has us wondering about the new album, because Tatum is willing to enrich his sound. Clearly not coincidental, the German word bereichern means to enrich. Go figure!

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MALKA – Wonder Why

MALKAThis week MALKA released her new song “Wonder Why”. Her debut album is called “Marching To Another Beat”. Now that’s what we call an appropriate title! Incorporating tribal beats and exotica melodies clearly indicates that MALKA is colouring outside the lines of today’s pop music. “Wonder Why” is another addition to her colourful percussive pop music. It’s catchy, inventive & cheerful, and will trigger your imagination.

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Yeasayer – I Am Chemistry

YeasayerFinally after three years there is a new Yeasayer song! Fortunately, their style hasn’t changed. It is a psychedelic musical adventure posing as an incredible pop song! The band still knows how to surprise you when half way through a children’s choir enters, which after only a few seconds sounds… perfectly in place. Perfectly. The song is accompanied by a visually stunning stop-motion video. Go see!

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Fraser Jane – Enough

Fraser JaneOccasionally a debut single really stands out. That’s the case with Fraser Jane’s “Enough”, which she wrote and produced herself. The bass and percussion make for a delicious bubbling rhythm. When her warm voice sets in, we are sold! The song sounds groovy and accessible, and yet it is … different. The strings give the song a classical touch and make it even more fragile. Within a single song Fraser Jane creates a beautiful world in music where you love being in. Magical.

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My Darling Fury – Satisfied

My Darling FuryIt is hard to pin down My Darling Fury’s musical genre. For the sake of branding, let’s call it ‘artpop’: good and intelligent pop music, showing musicianship and love for music as an art form. And that’s what we like! The band is classically trained and it shows. There is a complex structure, and the song has several distinct musical passages. And on top of this there are all these wonderful sounds and rhythms! Add a little theatrical drama and amazing lyrics, and you have so much to discover in just one song! Go ahead.

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Lovespeake – DNA

lovespeakeSix weeks ago a teaser for Lovespeake’s debut appeared on their YouTube channel. Which proved very promising. No surprise, because the lead singer previously led an immensely popular Norwegian band: Eye Emma Jedi. With only partly the same members the band’s new sound relies less on guitars. It sounds more 70s and 80s, and is very groovy. “DNA” is a catchy sing-a-long pop song that is as colourful as their artwork. A definite hit single.

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