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The anticipation was killing the last few weeks. As suckers for nostalgic synthwave, we were counting down the days! After the amazing summersong “Summer Heat” expectations were high. Paradise Walk were able to keep us in suspense with the Halloween treat “Fright Night (Come To Me)“, a cover of Brad Fiedel‘s Fright Night movie theme.  But finally it’s here, the new single “Neon Rain”! With the very first tones you’re being transferred to a scene from an imaginary 80s movie, and you want to stay there as soon as the guitar enters. It’s a love story about a guy who can’t believe he met his dream girl. Is it real or is his vision blurred by neon rain and wishful thinking?

As with their previous singles you can tell their passion for 80s sounding production. It is set to make you feel nostalgic, and just like on “Summer Heat” every single detail succeeds: the synthesizer melodies, drum patterns, vocals, and… the saxophone solo. Of course. As the duo Christian Ferriday (guitars, vocals) and Lee Fifield (keyboards, vocals) don’t play the saxophone they brought in Danish saxophonist Thomas Edinger for this pivotal part of the song. And it is so beautiful! It makes “Neon Rain” a perfect popsong for those melancholic midnight drives.

Paradise Walk are the new stars of retrowave, and together with the Finnish band Freeweights they have set the standard for retropop a few bars higher.

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The beautiful artwork by March Of Venus deserves special attention because it translates the feeling of that nostalgic 80s music into an amazing visual.

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