Weekly Round-Up 51

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 51! This week we feature our favourite DEBUT songs of 2019, including: Thrillhouse, The Know, KAMMA, Lionel Boy, Vlossom, ferdinant., Yuppy, Ernest and Paco Versailles.

Thrillhouse – One Of These Days

Debut Discovery! A melodic and dreamy take on 1980s new wave from Talking Heads and Blondie. Great percussion and the driving bass will move you to the dance floor!

KAMMA – Yet Another Girl

An extraordinary debut single! “Yet Another Girl” is about losing faith in a relationship, but the song gives an uplifting, empowering feeling, instead of making you feel down. Heartfelt and hopeful.

The Know – 143

Mesmerizing about last weekend’s party deserves a dreamy and enjoyable soundtrack. This is that song! Intensely satisfying debut song and video.

Lionel Boy – Are You Happy Yet?

With such a rhetorical question as a title, one immediately starts to wonder… And when the music and vocals happily guide you, you get lost in the song and are able to confront all lifes’ questions. Beautiful debut song!

Vlossom – Catch Your Breath

Australian indie dance duo Vlossom describe the feeling of suddenly being confronted with beauty, wether it is people or art. An astonishing, fresh, uplifting debut single that will keep you moving irresistibly!

ferdinant. – Kerosene

What an incredible voice! Newcomer Tomas Ferdinant shows off his songwriting skills with this beautiful piano ballad about self expression.

Yuppy – Top Down

Laid back electro-funk with a dreamy touch. The duo Yuppy created a soulful & playful future soul track. Complete with a surreal, colourful video. Excellent!

Ernest – Fall Apart

Beautiful soulful debut song by a young Danish band. A classic love tribute to the Loved One, without whom one falls apart.

Paco Versailles – Unwind

The summer debut of 2019! Tropical disco that puts you instantly in a great mood!

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