Weekly Round-Up 50

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 50! This week we feature new releases by Low Cut High Tops, Baltimore, Violet Cheri and Vlossom.

Low Cut High Tops – We’re All Sheep

We love Low Cut High Tops’ cynical adventures in human relationships and existence! The “We’re All Sheeps” lyrics focus on his discontent of conforming behaviour, made explicit with his familiar grunge indierock sound. (But of course we know it is all about his own disability to fit in, just like our own’s!) Still a refreshing, and completely necessary, point of view & sound!

Baltimore – Bubble

Belgian band Baltimore delivered Indie Pop-Ups’ 2018 favourite songFeel The Night”, so expectations were high. And their new single does not disappoint; synth-based dreampop with an irresistible pop-sensibility!

Violet Cheri – Scared To Be Happy

With inspiration from 1980s britpop like The Jesus & Mary Chain and The Cure, it is no surprise that Violet Cheri’s guitar pop sounds sincere and also little dramatic! Classic jangle pop with dark lyrics but good spirit.

Vlossom – Catch Your Breath

Australian indie dance duo Vlossom describe the feeling of suddenly being confronted with beauty, wether it is people or art. An astonishing, fresh, uplifting debut single that will keep you moving irresistibly!

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