Weekly Round-Up 27

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 27! This week we feature debut releases by Fanclub, Late Verlane, murmurmurPOLOSHIRTGLASLYN and Beauté Sauvage. Enjoy the music!

Fanclub – Leaves

Dreamy debut by new American indie band Fanclub. Although the production is lo-fi, the song shines with heavenly synths and dreamy vocals.

Late Verlane – Roll Like A Dummy

Swedish singer-songwriter Viktor Persson debuts with “Roll Like A Dummy”, a song that combines 1960s songwriting with a synthpop sound. Beautiful!

POLOSHIRT – Pinned Upon

Breezy, soulful retropop! Poloshirt’s debut “Pinned Upon” is the perfect soundtrack for your summer evenings and neon nights.

murmurmur – Cable Car

Straight from the 1970s, in both style and sound. This new Australian psychedelic rock band bring back the classic rock era with their debut “Cable Car”. An impressive first single!

GLASLYN – Out Of My Control

Distorting and comforting at the same time, GLASLYN’s art/synthpop debut. The song’s mantra “I’ve got a feeling this might be out of my control” is unsettling but also reassuring you’re not the only one. Intriguing.

Beauté Sauvage – The Sound Of The Waves

French producer Beauté Sauvage’s debut EP is filled with chilled dreampop for the summer. The title track sums it up perfectly: “The Sound Of The Waves”.

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