Weekly Round-Up 15

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 15! This week we feature debut releases by PenguinAPRE and WYRES. And we review new songs by Low Cut High TopsJohnny Diamonds, TOFFE and ANDRÆ. Enjoy the music!

Low Cut High Tops – Typical

Two years after his debut album “Eh, Whatever“, David Burns returns as Low Cut High Tops. His new single continues both his lyrical themes as well as his grunge pop sound. On “Typical” Burns finds himself back to his cynical attitude to love and relationships. Raw, painful, and yet, so incredibly catchy, which makes it easy to relate to his despair and music.

Johnny Diamonds – Sexless Song

Bedroom punker Jonah Davids released his second album “True Crime” last week. He takes his inspiration from lo-fi 90s alternative rock (Sparklehorse, Pixies, Pavement). The production has improved without losing the lo-fi sound and his Do-It-Yourself attitude. Our favourite song is the infectious “Sexless Song”, a tongue-in-cheek love-warning for sad boys.

TOFFE – Riverside

Choices, choices, choices! They are hard to make and mostly irreversible. TOFFE is well aware of that, and finds peace in taking responsibility after taking action, even the wrong ones. His new single “Riverside” celebrates that positive approach, and we should celebrate too, and sing along! And “Riverside” is a perfect electropop song for it, with its uh oh uh oh  uh uh oh uh uh oh chorus and warm sound.

Penguin – Get Me Out

Groovy indierock with a delightful poppy vibe! Debut single “Get Me Out” shows a lot of dynamic and depth. The deceitful calm intro turns into an epic classic rock part, which returns after the verses. And we love the surprise guitar solo. Epic!

APRE – All Yours

London duo APRE debut with an extraordinary lounge-rock song. “All Yours” sparkles sunshine and cool breezes. It reminds us of the sunny 1980s pop of Laid Back combined with the indierock groove of Foals. The song settles in your head easily, and you will cherish the feeling it gives. Wonderful!


WYRES – Spring Breaks

Such a beautiful first single, a celebration of spring! Swedish duo WYRES not only describe the coming of spring with their gentle vocals, but they even make the music visualize it in your mind. Every single melody, sound and electronic glitch contributes, by representing birds tweeting, grass growing, and flowers opening. Pure bliss indietronica!


London-based Belgian musician Andre Tajchman returns with a new single, now using ANDRÆ as his artist name. His music and especially his lyrics are highly personal and metaphorical. “Dam” describes how emotions flow when your inner dam breaks. Both his soulful vocals and the music sound less dark then before, possibly indicating healing. Intriguing and confronting, with a mysterious music video.

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