Weekly Round-Up 51

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 51! This week we feature debut releases by Soma WorldSINEPHRO and Lapel. Enjoy the music!

Soma World – Strange Dreams

Trio Soma World debuts with “Strange Dreams”. Cinematic, hypnotic music that triggers the imagination. Strange Dreams indeed.


After several collaborations (most notably Blanda’s 2016 hit song “Relief“) jazz singer Clara Sinephro finally releases her solo debut as SINEPHRO. As she knows best how to bring out her vocals and music best, she composed, produced and recorded “Rosier” herself. As expected, it is a beautiful, warm and jazzy song. Futuresoul at it’s best.

Lapel – Less Of A Woman

It took a while for singer-songwriter Debbie Neigher to free herself of her ‘classic piano’-constraints. She now embraces electronic music and reinvented herself as Lapel. Her debut song “Less Of A Woman” is a bright, positive synthpop song about womanhood and the desire to have children. Empowering in both lyrics and music.

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