Weekly Round-Up 40

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 40! This week we feature the debut releases by Sneakers and Isador. And we review new singles by Marti West and VVELLS. Enjoy the music!

Sneakers – Come Around Sundown

Modern funk band Sneakers enter the scene with a massive jam called “Come Around Sundown”. Blending disco, pop and an incredible dose of funk, the band sure know funk music history, and yet they know how to sound fresh. Great production! We would love to hear this playing live!

Marti West – Under The Weight

Marti West is a singer-songwriter from Sussex, UK but now based in Göteborg, Sweden. The Scandinavian landscapes have influenced his songwriting. His debut “Istanbul” EP from last year showcases singing and songwriting skills, but with his new single “Under The Weight” he brings them to a whole new level! Clearly inspired by 60s vocal harmonies, this is an intimate and acoustic song that touches on both folk and chamber music.

Isador – Falling

Isador is the musical project from 22-year old songwriter Warren Heller. His debut “Falling” is a personal song about his lonely times after dropping out from college. Despite the dark sound, “Falling” has a persistent groove and a hopeful determination to end misery. And the song accumulates in an epic multi-layered vocal choir backed by encouraging hand claps. Beautiful.

VVELLS – Island Of Me

Greek band VVELLS call themselves an indie pop reverb band, and that is a very inviting description for us at Indie Pop-Ups! Last year they debuted with the song “Green Lights“, a perfect example of their dreamy and melancholic sound. Their new single “Island Of Me” is an ethereal song to willingly drown in. Instead of overwhelming the track with unnecessary reverb and thus taking away space, the reverbs actually create space within the song. We don’t how they do it, but they pull it off. This is some exceptionally beautiful music. Amazing.

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