Weekly Round-Up 16

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 16! This week we review debut releases by Olive and AARØNN. And we feature the new single by Tom Lockett. Enjoy the music!

Olive – Changing The World

Let’s talk about “Changing the world”! The debut single by Australian singer-songwriter Olive has a universal message of establishing change by each and everyone’s contribution. The song is catchy despite the message, it’s very soulful and even a little funky. It was released on Earth Day last weekend and has been gaining attention ever since. A small indiepop step with a big impact, no doubt.

AARØNN – Thunder

Dark, intense and overwhelming. The sound AARØNN creates is pure dark pop, but his warm, soulful vocals bring some light. His anthem about a dangerous love is raw, immediate with a touch of blues. It reminds us of the epic slow rock of Bryce Fox and Imagine Dragons. “A dangerous [song that] shakes the earth like thunder.”

Tom Lockett – If A Heavy Rain Should Fall

Last year we introduced Tom Lockett to you. He is an indiefolk artist and a “social-conscious troubadour”. Now he is back with a new single. “If A Heavy Rain Should Fall” is an anti-establishment folk ballad. This is songwriting stripped to it’s essence. With his bluesy voice and just a guitar this song seems straight from the 60’s. Especially because it’s recorded live with old studio techniques. Beautiful, sincere and something incredibly rare in this time of overproducing music. His official debut EP release is set for June 9th.

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