Weekly Round-Up 10

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 10! This week we feature new singles by Kabiria, Hoodies At Night and CYNBEL. And we review debut releases by Sha LeønEye Win Hoe and TAYST. Enjoy the music!

Kabiria – Crying For You

The songs from LA/Vancouver duo Kabiria sound like 60s bubblegum pop transported to the 90s. Listening to their new single “Crying For You”, one picture immediately pops into our mind: a young lovesick girl writing a song in her bedroom on her MPC (a Music Production Controller, 90s drumcomputer). Enriched with classic samples and loops, Kabiria deliver another imaginative, playful, but above all a heartfelt popsong. Universal and timeless.

Sha Leøn – Where R U Gonna B?

Sweet soul song by newcomer Sha Leøn. With her warm, loving vocals she is pondering where her relationship is going. Her voice is backed by a gentle and serene electronic production. “Where R U Gonna B?” is a beautiful R&B song that really stands out from the rest.

Hoodies At Night – NYNJII

Last year Hoodies At Night debuted with “Shore“, a delicious dance song featuring the heavenly vocals of Milk & Bone. Now he returns with “NYNJII” that has the same dreamy sound, but is far more groovy. Funky bleeps and fresh sampled sounds fly by during the song, making this an adventurous listen.

Eye Win Hoe – Ruby

It’s hard to keep up with all these amazing new artists from Scandinavia. Here is another one: Danish singer-songwriter Simon Axelsen as Eye Win Hoe. His debut song “Ruby” is slowly gaining momentum, after appearing on a Nordic mixtape three months ago. This dreamy indierock song features a driving beat, melancholic melodies and his beautiful haunting vocals. Forthcoming EP “ROWENA” will be released April 14th.

TAYST – Sirens

Debut single “Sirens” by anonymous Swedish producers TAYST fits perfectly in today’s fresh EDM-‘light’ style. So it has this contemporary dance sound, but “Sirens” is nonetheless a classic pop song.

CYNBEL – Halfway Up

Third single from Dutch band CYNBEL continues their epic poprock sound. Straight from the 80s, fueled by the 90s and 00s rock anthems, this trio know their classics and show it off. “Halfway Up” seems appropriate to describe their way to a breakthrough!

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