Weekly Round-Up 9

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 9! This week we feature the new single by Lunar Twin. And we review debut releases by ELLEHCarmitLuster and San Jua. Enjoy the music!

Lunar Twin – Waves

After two years dreamwavers Lunar Twin return with new material! And, oh my god, it was worth the wait! “Waves” is the first song of their “Night Tides” EP (to be released March 17th). The song has a chilled-out summer vibe with calm tropical percussion. Despite the extravert ‘beach’ sound, the lyrics are quite reflective and singer Bryce Boudreau’s deep comforting voice makes this an inward journey as well. Soothing and challenging.

ELLEH – American Lover

‘Sad Boy Disco’. That’s how Tokyo duo ELLEH describe their music. And that’s spot-on! Their debut song “American Lover” is a tune to dance to, and to be sad to. The funky bassline keeps you grounded to the dance floor, while the sad vocals and lyrics move your mind. Their ‘sad boy disco story’ continues in April, when they release their first EP “Anthems Part 1”.

Carmit – It’s Time

Former Pussycat Dolls singer Carmit Bachar debuts as Carmit. “It’s Time” is a classic mid-paced R&B/pop song revisiting the universal message of Love, Peace and Understanding (‘and Dancing’). Radio-friendly and catchy as hell. “Eyo Eyo!” 

Luster – Good Dreamer

Luster is the project of Jacob Haubjerg, musician of Danish band Masasolo. “Good Dreamer” evokes somewhat the same feeling as Masasolo’s songs, but is less psychedelic and excels in being a lush, dreamy pop song (as the title suggests). The song just builds and builds. Simply wonderful!

San Jua – Laid To Waste

Here is another amazing dreampop debut: “Laid To Waste” by San Jua. Very atmospheric and even ethereal. There is such a lovely midnight vibe to the song; with the guidance of heavenly vocals you feel safe wandering around, in life and sound. Extraordinary debut.

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