Weekly Round-Up 8

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 8! This week we review debut releases by VIAAShe Major and BOKEH. And we feature new singles by Crystal Cities and Freeweights. Enjoy the music!

Crystal Cities – Who’s Gonna Save Us Now

Australian indierock band Crystal Cities return with a new single. “Who’s Gonna Save Us Now” is a very catchy dreampop song with a melancholic and hopeful sound. Both guitar and the tight beats drive the song so you keep listening and dancing. On repeat! Their debut EP is out March 3rd.

VIAA – Hurt So Good

Aw, that moment when you realise the love is gone but you still want to hold on… A topic of many songs. With her catchy debut song “Hurt So Good” Los Angeles singer VIAA knows how to make this feeling a positive and inspiring one. Backed with a firm, tight drum track by Yeti Beats.

Freeweights – Close Call

Every release by Finnish retrowave band Freeweights is a wonderful trip back to the 80s. We still don’t know how exactly they manage to recreate that particular sound, but it is still unmatched in the retrowave scene! Freeweights set the bar a little bit higher every single time. “Close Call” has all the ingredients and even features a magnificent guitar solo. Awesome!

B O K E H – I Know You Know 

B O K E H is the musical project of singer-songwriter Chloë Lewer. She takes you to her imaginary world with her beautiful debut song “I Know You Know”. Both music and video create a dreamlike state. Magical, soothing and almost ethereal, this song lies somewhere between an electropop ballad and a lullaby. We love it!

SHE Major – Please Don’t

“Please Don’t” is the debut song by Belgian singer SHE Major. Her piano play is back by an electronic pop sound and together with her voice it creates a dark atmosphere. The ballad is a calm plead for someone to let her go. “Please don’t fall in love with me”, she sings. But for us at Indie Pop-Ups it’s too late, we’ve fallen.

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