Weekly Round-Up 7

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 7! This week we review debut releases by Weird Milk, Emma JensenLord WillingOUTLYA, Evalyn and Mark Sharp. And we feature the new single by André Tajchman. Enjoy the music!

Weird Milk – This Close

“This Close” is the debut single by London band Weird Milk. It is classic sounding britpop with jangly guitars, heartfelt vocals and harmonious melodies. The ballad breakdown and the guitar solo at the end leave a pleasant melancholic feeling. Yearning for more.

Emma Jensen – Closer

Emma Jensen‘s debut song “Closer” has been around for about three months, slowly gaining momentum after Norwegian radio station NKR P3 played her song. She’s now one of the finalists in their Urørt competition. Deservedly so, “Closer” is a beautiful modern urban pop ballad about letting go or holding on to a loved one. A winner song already!

André Tajchman – I Am The Sun

Songs by André Tajchman are always dark but truthful, and incredibly beautiful! He knows how to combine art, music and social themes. “I Am The Sun” is no exception. It’s about a generation refusing to take responsibility and instead celebrates escapism. The theme is also reflected in the music video showing a young man having an overdose but doesn’t want to stop dancing. Stunning.

Evalyn – Filthy Rich

Raw soul pop ballad with attitude! “Filthy Rich” by self-conscious newcomer Evalyn is about flaunting glamour and wealth. The song and the powerful vocals evoke film noir scenes in a smokey 20s jazz club. Sexy and cinematic.

Lord Willing – Loneliness Is The Hardest Drug

Los Angeles-based artist Justin Long has had his share of bad luck, but he didn’t turn down life. Moreover, he is now resurrecting, finally releasing music for himself after recording for others. As Lord Willing he debuts with “Loneliness Is The Hardest Drug”, a stomping blues rock anthem that will inspire a positive rock-on attitude despite the title.

OUTLYA – The Light

Impeccable debut by trio OUTLYA. “The Light” is about self-belief and empowerment (“I’ll take the weight alone and carry my soul”), and these themes are reflected in the music: anthemic pop rock with strong guitar riffs and powerful vocals. A song for huge stadium audiences.

Mark Sharp – Fools

Gripping from the very first moment: Mark Sharp‘s debut single “Fools”. The song starts with piano and Sharp’s vocals. Throughout the song Sharp stays close to an acoustic sound, but knows how to give it a full rock sound as well, making it a blend of indierock and chamber pop. The emotional strings near the end fade out too early, but linger long after the song has ended. This is how heartbreak feels. “Fools” will settle inside your heart.

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