Weekly Round-Up 40

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 40! This week we feature debut songs by PARTS, Sperwer, Kidd Wolff and Phil Good. Enjoy the music!

PARTS – Pieces

Last week the debut EP by PARTS was released. PARTS are Alyssa Midcalf and Marley Ferguson from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The main song “Pieces” is an ethereal, dreamy pop song, with angelic and somewhat childlike vocals singing, almost whispering. That makes their song emotionally gripping and very touching.

Sperwer – Jager

Sometimes music is difficult to qualify, except for being in the category ‘great music’, which is the case with the debut by new Belgian band Sperwer! The music has a certain artfulness to it, combining complex drum rhythms, a dark atmosphere and even some orchestral pop. One similar band that comes to our minds is Suuns. The accompanying music video with artsy, abstract animations also deserves your special attention!

Kidd Wolff – Business As Usual

This week the mysterious artist Kidd Wolff released his debut single “Business As Usual”. He combines the pop-sensibility of David Bowie, the futurism of Gary Numan and the grooviness of Beck. With its classic synthpop sound and universally relevant lyrics about the state of the world around us, “Business As Usual” is both a timeless and contemporary pop song.

Phil Good – Sleeping In

Although “Sleeping In” is a debut single, the artist Phil Good is no stranger to the music business. Because the man behind the project is Jared Maldonado, part of the duo Dresses. His first solo song is comparable to Dresses, but has a slightly more focus on electronica, and has a more bouncy and bubbly feel. Not unlike Miike Snow and Joywave. And just like those artists, Phil Good will be huge!

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