Debut Discovery: Kidd Wolff

Yesterday Kidd Wolff released his debut single “Business As Usual”. We were immediately impressed by the production, and the lyrics about the state of the world around us. Kidd Wolff wants to stay anonymous, he tells us, and lets the music speak for itself. So we listened closely! With its classic synthpop sound and universally relevant lyrics, “Business As Usual” is both a timeless and contemporary pop song. 


When there is no information available, the only place to find the creator’s ideas and inspirations is in the music. And that’s also the case with Kidd Wolff’s debut single.

Although the track is clearly based on 80s synthpop, and sounds somewhat similar to Chromeo and Penguin Prison for example, Kidd Wolff’s inspirations are broader and he takes elements from several decades of pop music. He combines the pop-sensibility of David Bowie, the futurism of Gary Numan and the grooviness of Beck to create a song of which it’s hard to pinpoint time and place of release.

And that goes for the theme as well. With two verses of effective lyrics (e.g. “Terrorists are terrorising // The TV is hypnotising // Politicians apologising // You sit there, armchair criticising”) Kidd Wolff describes a state of the world which can be from the 80’s until now. And that’s the key message: the world, politics, media and ourselves are hardly changing, it’s ‘business as usual’.


Despite the uplifting sounds and the song’s danceability, Kidd Wolff is not here to celebrate the current state of the world. But he doesn’t judge either; not our (lack of) attitude, nor our incapability or unwillingness to change the world (“You’d change the world, but you stay in bed”). He is just observing all the forces which influence us, and telling us what is happening. He doesn’t want you to be apathetic either, just to be aware of our acquiescence.

Both musically and lyrically the song can be from the past, present and, very likely, from the future. And the lyrics will still be relevant. This makes “Business As Usual” both a timeless and contemporary popsong.

For now Kidd Wolff wants to remain anonymous, but we do know one thing: that there is more music coming… and that’s the most important thing to know for now!

“I’m keeping my background under wraps, for now at least. I’m happy to let the music to speak for me, and rest assured there’s plenty more to come.”

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