Weekly Round-Up 39

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 39! This week we feature SEVEN debut releases! Lyel‘s debut EP, and debut songs by CRONICLEDama Scout, HarleaPSSY PWR, LUV and Julia Knight. Enjoy the music!

Lyel – Infinity

With her new song “Infinity”, Helsinki-based singer-songwriter Lyel completes her debut EP. Just like the previous singles, “Infinity” is an inspirational pop song with her sweet voice and effective electronic instrumentation. The lyrics are in line with her themes of self-empowerment, self-believe, hope and dedication. The cohesive collection of electropop songs makes this EP a beautiful achievement.

CRONICLE – Head Up And High

Writing songs since her childhood, CRONICLE was bound to release music on her own. Her first single “Head Up And High” is incredibly well produced. This track merges ambient, dance and pop music into a dreamy drum n bass delight! CRONICLE can hold her head up high; this is a debut single to be proud of! Anticipating for more…

Dama Scout – Forget It’s Good

Classic indiepop with great production, that’s Dama Scout‘s debut single “Forget It’s Good”! The song has an overall dreamy quality, due to the vocals and sweet melodies. Ee love the jangly guitars interchanging with heavy guitar parts. The music video featuring their personal family home-movies and archive footage adds to the dreamy feeling. We can’t wait to hear more!

LUV – Loving Somebody

Debut single “Loving Somebody” by LUV from Leeds, UK, brings us back to the ’80s (a time in music we deeply treasure). We hear traces of synthpop artists like Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and the teenpop of Howard Jones. Basically, the song sounds like a undiscovered gem from a John Hughes movie soundtrack. We love it! Trying to get over someone never sounded this pleasant!

Harlea – Miss Me

Newcomer Harlea bursts onto the music scene with her debut song! “Miss Me” is a rock song about an emotional addiction to a relationship, whether good or bad. The song has a humid atmosphere, dense and intense, thanks to Harlea’s sensual voice and the heavy guitars. You can hear, and almost feel, the despair and obsession. A very welcome rock sound!

PSSY PWR – Cocaine Girls

A perfect first rebel yell by PSSY PWR! The band’s name displays the riot urgency of Bikini Kill and Bratmobile, and on their first song “Cocaine Girls” they combine this with the direct, raw sound of Chicks On Speed and Sleigh Bells. The sweet singing vocals contradict the yelling of the song title, like a repetitive socially-aware cheerleader yell for a new generation of teen girls. The music video features found footage of classic fights in female sports, but ending with female teams celebrating their victory. Awesome first single.

Julia Knight – Ghost Of You

Julia Knight‘s first single is how a classic pop song sounds like: catchy melody, well-produced, with a classic song structure, and a story of love. Add to that the sweet vocals of Julia, and we have a winning debut single! This song will hit radio waves very soon and will go straight to the pop charts.

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