New Single Lyel “Infinity”


With her new song “Infinity”, Helsinki-based singer-songwriter Lyel completes her first EP. We were already waiting for the complete collection, and now it’s finally here!

Just like the previous singles, “Infinity” is an inspirational pop song with her sweet voice supported by an effective electronic backbone. The song is dedicated to a beloved person who passed away recently, and you can clearly here the emotions. Lyel hopes that listeners will realize that they are treasures, each and every one. And that’s a theme that runs through her debut EP: self-empowerment, self-believe, hope and dedication.

lyel-instagram“Infinity” is about accepting, and moving on, but not with sorrow, but with hope. It’s sound is more uplifting than the previous single, the power ballad “Coming For The Rain“, which dealt with the search for your inner hero. Together with the electropop song “Waterproof”, the ballad “Raven” and the dancepop of “Shadow”, Lyel delivers a cohesive collection of songs and proves she can make difficult themes accessible and relatable. Also included is an almost acoustic song called “Gold And One”, which showcases her songwriting and gives an idea of how her electropop songs start life: from her heart and mind through her guitar into the world.

Lyel took the necessary time to complete her EP with personal songs, which shows confidence, and patience for growing. Now she is ready for more. And we do want more: after hearing the complete EP, we just want to stay with her, for infinity

In January, we interviewed Lyel about her background, inspirations and future plans. You can read the article here.

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